» studio kønig - focus «


In this research focus project, I worked on an AR concept for a work environment. It's exemplary for the idea of integrating new technology into a mainstream one with the intent to replace it.

» Complete research and concept «

"Why did smartphones replace old mobile phones?" or "How can a new technology become mainstream?". Showing how Augmented Reality can be integrated into the way we work is an attempt to answer this question.

A new technology, like AR, has to first integrate into mainstream technologies before replacing them. Using the example of work, AR can cancel distractions. Similar to noise-canceling, it helps you focus. And in addition, it provides us with a second layer used to organize your tasks and help you concentrate. AR helps you organize and prioritize your to-dos, manage your time, and visualize your thoughts.
Altogether there are three steps when replacing common technology. New Technologies have to integrate, evolve and replace. The most important part is being aware of its shortcomings and the acceptance of its users.

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